Escaping to the Snow

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While most people are escaping the snow, we decided to go where there was more snow. And it was by far the best weekend of our winter. Our adventure didn’t include the rig but instead we tried condoing for the first time.

We drove to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park via Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Once inside the park we drove to Cypress Resort Inn where we met amazing and friendly staff. We arrived a bit early but they were very accommodating and let us check in. The staff also reminded us that between 7-11am there was a free continental breakfast (oops we forgot and brought food). The staff let us know that in the games room (downstairs of the main lodge) there was a fooseball, ping pong table, snow shoes and cross-country skis for us to use free of charge. We asked about the local wildlife and were given suggestions for popular areas for viewing. We quickly unpacked the car, filled the refrigerator with our food, and got ready to play outside.

We discovered that we brought adult snow pants but forgot the kidlets snow pants. A big Ooops! but thankfully the weather was warmer and the boot room was toasty warm so we could dry and rotate track pants. After our big Ooops, we unloaded our car topper of sleds and hit the sledding hill with full enthusiasm of eight kids instead of only four. Here is a video of our sledding fun.

Having four kids all under seven means a lot of energy and very short attention spans. It seemed like the adults had very little downtime to relax…but who would when there was beautiful snow conditions, weather around 0 degrees celsius, blue skies and sunshine. The first day we did a lot of sledding, walking and boot hockey outside. Inside the guys got their outside deck beer garden set up and started harvesting once the bottles were frosty.

We planned to have lots of snackie type munchies – fruit, veggies, sausage, ham sticks, cheese, crackers, trail mix, chips, dip and hot chocolate (with mini marshies of course) to keep the kidlets well fed throughout the day. We had originally only planned breakfasts and dinners. We were awesomely surprised that we didn’t need to make breakfast as a great continental breakfast provided each morning in the main lodge. So we really only ended up making two dinners. We had planned meals to be easy to prepare because we didn’t spend too much time in the kitchen. The first night we had chicken slovaki, rice & salad. The second night was to be BBQ steak, baked potatoes and salad. But we found out that the condo’s didn’t have BBQs. But we were prepared and had a junkie type back up that consisted of Costco delissio box special that contained two pizzas, bread sticks and chocolate chip cookies. We added in veggies and salad as the “healthy” component!

The next day we did more boot hockey, sledding and the kids all tried snow shoeing. The kids were also content to spend their play time crawling around all the large ice/snow piles around the parking lot. All kids big and small had a fun time and we were all in bed by 10pm. We did do some board games such as Cadoo and Yahtzee during our down time. The kids also spent some of the downtime running around playing army, bey blades or video games on our phones. Our boys were introduced to the video game, Minecraft, and are now happily addicted to it – that is until Plants vs. Zombies 2 comes out!

The condos were well laid out and bright. They were functionally furnished and well-equipped. We felt comfortable to be there with our kids. This is not a luxury condo, but a practical, functional family and pet-friendly resort. We were pleasantly surprised that wireless internet was also available. When we asked for a couple more pillows and a blanket, the staff was friendly and accommodating, even at 9pm at night. The only downside was that Chris and I thought the beds were a little to hard but I know I am a wimp and like a soft bed so when Chris said something to me, I was surprised.

The weekend was filled with so much fun that adults and kids were kept busy from the moment we work until our heads hit the pillows. There is so many winter activities to do above and beyond what we did. The resort had many other families and hosted few large groups of snow machine sledders, as well as a few ice fisherman the same weekend. Cypress Hills Resort Inn is going to be a yearly event for us. Next year I hope that the kids will be ready for cross-country skiing.


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