Passing Time & Planning

It is the middle of winter in Medicine Hat where last week the days hit between -38 & -21 degrees celsius with windchill so I have been hunkered down with tea and dreaming of warm places with palm trees, crashing waves and long sandy beaches. That will not be happening this month! Instead, I started to plan some potential routes for next summer. I had brain surgery in September and am not allowed to drive until the docs give the go ahead so our routes will be shorter and closer to home this year since we will be one driver short.

I love the Internet and using Google Maps to help plan potential trips. It is so easy to share with all parties and they can collaborate on the routes as well.

Exploring the Grasslands Loop.

I have been on a day trip to Havre once, five years ago. I have heard that there is some good camping to check out so we decided that this is the year to do it. We hope to explore the highline route & parts of the Dinosaur Trail in Montana including a sneak peak of the Bear Paws Mountains and Bowdoin National Wildlife Reguge near Malta, MT. We will work our way up to Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan for some Bison viewing finishing off exploring Swift Current and Saskatchewan Landing for some beach basking and water fun. On paper this appears to be a great vacation. I hope to get plenty of pics.


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