Easy Sleeping Mats

We often have eight people sleeping in the RV with us.  Usually it means the kidlets sleeping on the floor.  I found this great pillow mattress tutorial on Southern Disposition blog. I thought that this project would be doable and great for the kids to sleep on.  The pillows fold up so that if you are shorter you automatically have a pillow.  The covers come off and wash separately for easy clean up. I think the mattresses will be a great addition to the RV next year!

When I was in Calgary about three weeks ago, I ventured into the Ikea and bought eight pillows for $1.98 each. When back in Medicine Hat I found a camoflauge duvet cover for $12.99 at JYSK. I had bought the supplies so now I was committed to try to make the sleeping mats.  All I needed to do was find my sewing machine.

This is what happens after camping season, crazy projects and planning for next year’s adventures! After much digging and box moving, I dragged the sewing machine from under the stairs.  I dusted of the box and plugged in the machine. After ten years the sewing machine has seen light again.  You see, I am not the greatest sewer and the machine and I had a disagreement. Apparently the damn machine won because there was no directions in the box – I had to figure out how to thread the machine and put thread on a bobbin again – let alone sew a straight line.

The Southern disposition is a great tutorial, but I am not too good at following directions so I ended up modifying the pillow mattress to work for me.  I easily made two pillow mattresses in an afternoon.  Because it is not camping season, the boys are testing the durability and longevity of the mattresses in their own forts.  We call their room the barracks…eventually the transformation will be complete with paint and curtains – yet another winter project.  Can’t spring get here sooner?


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