So what’s in your Medicine Cabinet

Our First Aid Kit and Medicine Cabinet

When we unpacked the rig for the winter, I brought in our second medicine cabinet.   We then merge everything into the medicine cabinet in our house.  I thought I would share the copious amounts of items that we put in The Rig with you in hopes that it will help you decide what would work for you when you are enjoying RVing.

This is what I pulled out of The Rig’s medicine cabinet:

                        1. A well stocked first aid kit
                        2. Cartoon band aids – good for both kid and adult spirits when hurt
                        3. Extra large band aids (knee, elbow and beyond size – all those bike/scooter accidents)
                        4. Anti-diarrhea medicine – for those sensitive stomachs (adult & kid)
                        5. Over the counter allergy medicine – you never know what will give you the itches (kids & adults)
                        6. Sunscreen & after sun lotion
                        7. Gravol – for those rough rides (adult & kid)
                        8. Anbesol – not just for teething (we’ve had a kid lose half a tooth – ouch)
                        9. Anti-pain medicine – Ibuprofen or tylenol (up to 6, 6-12 & adult)
                        10. Antibiotic cream –  neosporin (we take at least three types)
                        11. Antacids
                        12. Cotton Swabs
                        13. Nail Clippers
                        14. Tissues & wipes
                        15. Cough & Cold medicine (up to 6, 6-12 & adult)
                        16. Splinter outs
                        17. Burn Gel
                        18. Blister pads
                        19. Afterbite & family insect repellent
                        20. All personal prescription medicine for people and fur people (pack extra too)
                        21. Eye Glasses/contacts & paper prescription
                        22. Thermometer
                        23. Vitamins
                        24. Needle/thread/scissors
                        25. Vics vapor rub (One kid with Asthma & every first night is always a challenge with his meds and breathing)
                        26. Muscle rub (for us old people)

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