I have mentioned Geocaching in my Drumheller blog. Here is a great article that gives you a great introduction to the biggest treasure hunt that both adults and kids can enjoy!

GoHere Destinations

I love to walk and hike.  I’ve tried the running thing.  Dabbled in biking.  But I keep coming back to my first love … walking.

When my children were little, the stroller was our best friend.  It got us out of the house, exploring our neighbourhood, the parks around us, and some of our favourite camping spots.  Then, came that inevitable time when my children had become too old to sit in the stroller, but not too old to complain when faced with the prospect of walking…anywhere.  The whining and moaning (mostly by me as I begged them to join me for a walk), got to be too much, and I slowly but surely for the most part gave up.

Until some amazing friends introduced us to the wonderful world of Geocaching.

In a nutshell according to the official Geocaching website, “Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using

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