Closing Shop

I had prepared to have Thanksgiving at Elkwater, which is a part of Cypress Hills Interprovincial park. Cypress Hills spans both Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Both sides of the park offer great camping experiences every time we go. However the day we were to leave it snowed.  Big white fluffy coastal type snow, not the tiny little snowflakes that we usually see on the prairies.  My dad, who is visiting from British Columbia, was not prepared to camp in the snow so the decision not to go was painfully made.

So instead we winterized the rig and put it to bed for the winter.  At the same time we switched out all the summer clothes in the house and hung up all the winter clothes we had in storage.  We moved all the summer stuff stacked in plastic bins to the RV for winter so we wouldn’t clutter up our already cluttered house.  The boys were upset we didn’t go camping but I did promise them a few day trips for hiking, snow shoeing and hopefully skiing trips this winter.

I am really a little sad because I wanted to have my second thanksgiving camping.  My first thanksgiving camping was at Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia.  The big leaf maples were in full colour and rained down their huge leaves.  The air smelled of moist ground and wet trees. It was like being in a woods fairy tale. There were twenty of us in tents, trailers and vans that share the weekend hiking, sitting around the fire and cooking turkey with all its fixings.

I wanted to share with my family what an amazing time can be had during this wonderful fall weekend. My family has never experienced camping on Thanksgiving long weekend before.  Thanksgiving in the woods, is the ultimate place to be grateful for family, friends, nature and our amazing world that we all share.

We can always plan for next Thanksgiving.  In the meantime, I have plenty to write about the places we have travelled to and plan to travel to.  I will have to pretend I am a gypsy RVer until next spring.


One thought on “Closing Shop

  1. I too had hoped to go camping for Thanksgiving. It’s something that has long been on my “bucket list,” Our RV was winterized this weekend – so it will have to be a dream shelved for next year!

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