Dinotown Downtown

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Downtown Drumheller, Alberta, Canada or what I like to call Dinotown Downtown sends any little kid’s excitement levels through the roof.  The downtown has so many dinosaur replicas painted in fabulous bright colours that any kid doesn’t mind it to go shopping or at least stand outside and play with their dad while I check out the local art galleries and crafty stores.

At the visitor’s centre is a giant T-Rex. For $3.00 you can climb the world’s largest dinosaur and look out its mouth 86 feet above the ground.  During the climb up and down there the walls are painted with scenes and there are also plenty of fossils to look at as well.  At the midway point there is a bench to rest, if needed.  This is not an attraction to do if you have mobility or health related issues.  If you choose not to take the climb you can still pose in front of the T-Rex for a picture or climb on its toes.

In the park surrounding the visitor centre, there is another smaller dinosaur to take pictures with; an outdoor pool; a spray park and my kidlet’s fav the wading pool with “an awesome” fountain.  My kidlets were happy to visit the Royal Tyrrell museum , Hoo Doos, and suspension bridge but were more excited to play in wading pool.  Each day we spent at least two hours splishing and a splashing.  What great free family attraction.

Digging for Fossils

The only other attraction that gave the wading pool a run for its money was Fossil World Dinosaur Disocovery Centre. I heard people complain that it was expensive and not worth their time but my boys were the exact age (4 & 6) to enjoy the centre and loved it there.  They had fun looking at all the fossil’s, colouring dinosaurs and playing in the indoor play centre. I paid fossil dig and mineral mining pass for the boys.  They got to pan for different type of stones and keep a little vial of the stones they collected and a stone identifier card. Then the kids went on a fossil dig.  Their mission was to collect the most fossils in 20 minutes than the others. At the end of the time each kid took home one fossil with an identifier card.  The best was the animatronic T-Rex that put on such a great show the both my boys were first frightened of it.

We spent each visiting one main attraction then time at the campground and the wading pool. We had a great time staying at The Hoodoo RV resort and Campground. This resort was very kid friendly with the playgrounds in a centre grassy area that kept them safe from traffic.  The large grassy area was wonderful for playing bocci ball, soccer and football. The speed limits are low so it is safe for kids to bike.

Another great activity for families to try is what my kids call “treasure hunting” or  Geocaching. There are some great finds in the Drumheller area. We can not wait to go back again to explore all the other attractions that we missed, as well as spend more time in the wading pool!


2 thoughts on “Dinotown Downtown

  1. We took our granddaughters here this summer and had a great time. We missed the Fossil place – and now I’m kicking myself that we did. But we DID go to Reptile World and had a fabulous time there as well. Great post.

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