Crescent Beach

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When visiting the Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area a wonderful place to visit is Crescent Beach. Crescent beach is located in Surrey, BC and near White Rock, BC.  This tiny creative community has an amazing history with renovated heritage homes to look at.  There is also unique artsy stores and fabulous restaurants to check out.  Parking can be hard to find during the week and impossible during the weekends thus exploring here during week is highly  recommended. There is no RV parking as the community is very tiny, so bring your tow vehicle or take public transportation to get to this awesome place. This beach has both the rugged appeal with rocks for finding sea creatures, shells and seaweed that have been left stranded by the outgoing tides, as well as, nice sand to build wonderful sand castles.  When the tide is out, the tidal pools warm up allowing for great places for little kids to play.  The ocean waves were small the day we visited the beach, except when boats when by.  There is a marina nearby and the fishing boats where coming and going regularly so keep in mind with little kids water safety when visiting.

We only stayed about an hour because the wind picked up giving D the goosebumps and chattering teeth.  After walking back to the car we went to the Cabin.  The cabin is the fire station located in Crescent Beach.  The friendly fire fighters gave us a tour of the fire house.  We were able to try on all fire gear and even climb in the truck.

We were all tuckered out after our visit and the boys fell asleep on our way back to the RV.


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