Boo Banana Boats

Around the campfire

I learned how to make Banana Boats when I was in Brownies.  It has been years and years since I had tried one, but I do remember that I did like the taste of this sweet but somewhat healthy dessert (there is banana in it). I thought my two kidlets would love Banana Boats too.Oh how wrong I was! They both love chocolate, marshmallows and bananas.  The boys loved putting all the toppings in their bananas; wrapping in tinfoil and watching the Banana Boats cooking on the grill over the campfire.  But when it came to eating the gooey concoction it was – Yuck!  Boo Banana Boats and both boys felt ripped off that their dessert was not delectable, but instead a disaster. But all was not lost, my homestay student, from Japan, enjoyed eating his Banana Boat.

Even though my kidlets didn’t like Banana Boats, I do recommend that everyone tries to make them at least once during a camping adventure. It is a quick and easily modified to individual taste dessert that most kids and adults do enjoy.  Mine were just have a lapse of pickiness!

The following steps are how you can make your own Banana Boat too!

What you need:

  • A Banana for each person
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips per banana (we used cut up Rollo chocolates)1/4 cup nuts, raisins, dried fruit, cookies (what ever you may fancy)
  • 1/4 cup mini marshmallows (we used coloured instead of white)
  • 12inch x 12inch sheet of tinfoil per banana

Stuffing Banana with fillings

1) Grab a whole banana – do not peel – keep its’ skin one and then partcially slice down the middel from stem to tip.  Do not cut all the way through.  Place on tinfoil  cut-side up.2) Press on Banana so it opens up like a canoe.  Stuff it with the fixings of your choice.  Sqeeze the banana shut and then wrap in tinfoil.  I always leave the stem unwrapped so I have “handle” to grab.

Banana Boats on the grill

3) Place on hot burning embers or on a hot grill (we like the grill) until chocolate and marshmallows are melted – approximately ten minutes.

4)Take Banana Boat off grill and slide on plate.  Be careful of hot steam when opening up foil covered banana.  Enjoy with a spoon!


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