Canyon Hot Springs Resort

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Driving in a motorhome in poor weather can be bad.  Mountain roads with water pooling can increase the odds of hydroplaning and losing control.  We pulled over in Revelstoke, BC because it was storming so bad that our windshield wipers could not keep up and decided to have ice cream. We found RV parking and ran to the visitor centre to find a good campground that was along our route and not far off the highway.  We were losing the kid’s patience and they did not want to drive anymore.  There were a few that we had already passed, but had a three that we had the options of spending the night if they were not full.  The lamplighter campground in Revelstoke was full – darn!  So we bribed the kids with ice cream that was located in a tiny store across from the Visitor Centre and hit the road driving.   We missed the turnoffs for two of the campgrounds and we were not going to turn back.  We had to make the turn off for Canyon Hot Springs Resort or put up with crying kids until Golden, BC.  We chose Canyon Hot Springs Resort. The website shows treed sites, well-kept park area and a nice mineral pool.  The website is very deiciving compared to what the RV campground looks like.  The cabins are nice but were parked on a flat open field with a railway line behind. We drove in and there was a tiny playground near the highway – nope we were not going to use that. The price was $42.00/night and then you had to pay for the mineral pool on top of the fee.  We felt that this RV campground was a money grab.  I know we will not stop here again unless we want to stay at the cabins.


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