Demille’s Farm Market

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When travelling with small kidlets we need to take lots of breaks or else us, the parent’s, may lose our minds. We decided to stop at Demille’s Farm Market in Salmon Arm, BC for one of our many breaks during this trip.  I was hoping to get corn for dinner and Summerland Sweet pancake syrup. I was able to happily score both and then some as I wandered around the market. Demille’s Farm Market has everything from fresh local fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses. The have a on site bakery that produce heavenly smells that lure you into buying yummy snacks and bread.  There is a fabulous arts and crafts store across from the market where you can buy many interesting housewares.

Both the boys were not interested in the food or craft markets, but instead loved the farm. There were many animals to look at and old farm equipment to climb on.  We bought a small bag each of feed so the boys could feed the pigs, goats, horses, and emu.  The boys had a blast running around burning down their never-ending energy.  D and I were looking at the chickens; well I was actually taking pictures of the chickens when I warned him that he may get pecked by one if he keeps putting his fingers through the wire.  Sure enough, I hear crying and him shouting out “bad chicken”.  Well live and learn, curiosity may not have killed the cat that day, but did leave a red mark on a small finger.

After a good break we got on the road because it looked like a summer storm building and we didn’t want to get caught in it.  It seems every time we go through Salmon Arm, BC we get caught in a thunder and lightning storm.


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