The Rig

Let me introduce you to The Rig. 

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We have been camping together for two years. We bought our 1998 National Tropi-Cal from a dealer in Oregon after looking at numerous photos and having a mechanical inspection completed. We then had someone deliver it to Great Falls, Montana where we were introduced to the RV lifestyle.

We made the decision to go from truck and trailer to RV when trying to toilet train and had many car sick episodes that left us trying to clean up at the edge of a narrow highway as traffic whizzed on by at high speeds.

We love travelling this way. It is literally a house on wheels! Recently we had nine people occupying themselves during a rainy afternoon. The adults talked comfortably and the kids played throughout The Rig. I like that if needed, I can dry coats, pants & jackets.  We were caught in an unexpected snowstorm and it was a treat to have dry clothes.

I know that some people are rolling their eyes and saying that is not camping.  Nope it is not camping at all!  I grew up camping in the big old canvas tent, the ranger tent, cedar/hemlock bough lean-to, snow shelter and pup tent.  I have tented for work, youth organizations and done multi-day trips in the back country but having a young family and having the ease of just picking up and going somewhere on a whim is just so nice.

I have no  problem driving The Rig – you just have to watch for back-end swing and when to start turning. With anything larger response time is slower. For example, when doing down a mountain hill, The Rig gains speed very quickly so knowing when to gear down and being aware of what is around you is key for safe travelling especially when there is a turn at the bottom of the hill.  In condensed traffic areas, The Rig needs more time to slow down and stop, so giving yourself lots of room and being relaxed is key.  We also do not go over 100km/hr so we respect traffic and pullover when vehicles are behind us. When we get to our destination backing in and setting up takes no time at all.  We are not limited to summer camping only and extend our fun season to the full extent.


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