Gold Springs

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We wanted to go camping at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park but the campground was full so we drove to the Milk River Visitor Information Centre to find out what other camping gems may be nearby.  We were told Gold Springs was close and a very cute campground right along the Milk River. So we headed South towards Coutts, AB and turned East off the highway and began to follow the signs.  We drove across bald prairie and were beginning to wonder if a joke was being played on us.  Then there was a turn in the road took us through a winding road that descended from top of the plain through the coulee to a picturesque little oasis in the middle of the prairie.  We were blown away.  There was the Milk River with it’s own beach; a man-made lake with a beach, playgrounds, trees and internet.  The campground is both kid and pet friendly and has both seasonal sites and overnight sites at a very reasonable price of $25/night for power & water. We found out that the man-made lake was stocked with rainbow trout.  The boys spent hours minnow catching at the beach.

We had fully intended to make a day trip to Writing-On-Stone for a walk around and picnic.  We had so much fun at Gold Springs on the playground, at the beach, walking the trails, kayaking and just playing that we never left the campsite the entire time.


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