Truly Golden

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Two hours from Vancouver, BC is one of the largest provincial parks in British Columbia. Golden Ears Provincial Park is located near Maple Ridge.  I love this park and have spent lots of time exploring, star watching, camping, hiking and swimming when growing up in the Lower Mainland.

Chris and the boys had never been to this park so when we drove the RV from Medicine Hat, AB to Richmond, BC we made a point that we would be camping with the family rather than running around visiting everyone. There were ten of us in our camping party and we had a blast.  The weather was great – amazing very little rain (one evening) and very little bugs which made for lots of outside activities.

We stayed in the Alouette Campground in a non serviced site.  We did run our generator in the morning for 30 minutes to charge the DVD players and  maintain battery power for lights in the evening. I loved the fact that the campground had a recycling program that includes recycling more than beverage containers in bear proof containers. There are over 400 campsites in Golden Ears Provincial Park but campgrounds are popular so  reservations are recommended. However, we didn’t reserve but decided to chance it on a first come first serve basis for a site so we came early and were lucky to get one site for our entire stay without moving.

The lush coastal forest made for lots of army/hide and seek games behind large trees, under large bunches of ferns and salal.  The large stumps were great for being king of the castle and jumping from.  The abundance of ground litter and moss kept the kids busy for hours making small villages for the “squirrels and birds” to live in.  M learned how to ride a two-wheeler for the first time without  training wheels and D road a two-wheeler with training wheels for the first time.  The parks staff were friendly and frequently made their rounds to answer any questions and to let us know about any programs.  There was a hike down to the beach which made it impossible for people with mobility issues. The hike down was a run for all four kids but coming back up was another story. We were glad we brought the bike trailer that converted to a stroller with us because it came in handy hauling three little ones up the trail.  I had a feeling we were being watched by something but never saw an animal (bear).  Because this park is located in Coast Mountains, black bears can be seen the park and can become habituated if campers are careless with their garbage.

There is the Alouette Lake day use area that is more accessible for people with mobility issues and has a flat trail to the beach.  The day use area is located south of the campgrounds near the park entrance off the parkway road. We hope to make it back next year to the Greater Vancouver Area to explore Golden Ears Provincial Park and other great campgrounds in the area.


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