More S’mores

The warmth and crackle of a fire is not complete unless you bring out the roasting sticks and marshmallows.  It is almost rite of passage for kids to learn how to handle a burning marshmallow without flinging the burning treat at someone nearby.

We have not only introduced S’mores to our boys but also to our homestay students from Japan, China and Korea.  We try to take our students camping so they can experience Canada from different perspective.

There are the strict S’more traditionalists out there where a S’more is not a S’more unless it is made with graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate.

The Food Network has a  great traditional BBQ or fire S’more recipe. The recipe even has some alternatives for the curious minds of a two boys.  We tend to break from traditions by not using graham crackers at all. Instead use homemade oatmeal, chocolate chip, banana, raisin or peanut butter cookies.  When I run out of time and can not bake, I often buy the shortbread cookies with chocolate on one side.

The boys like to experiment with toppings as well.  They are not looking for taste but for the gooiest texture to make the most mess! Some toppings that have been used are:

                • mini peanut butter cups,
                • mint patties,
                • nutella & banana,
                • peanut butter & jelly,
                • honey
                • fruit pie filling,
                • fruit cocktail,
                • pretzels
                • dried fruit or
                • potato chips.

I swear you can basically make a S’more with just about anything.  I want to try dried cherries next time, as I am not a fan of pie filling. I am sure you can come up with your own unique twist on a campfire classic.


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