A Gem in The City

When in Hayden, Idaho we needed to find a place to stay in Seattle that was not a concrete jungle box surrounded by whizzing by highway traffic.  I found what sounded like an interesting place that had decent ratings.  Lake Pleasant RV Park is located Bothell, Washington which is an approximately 20 minute drive to Pike Place Market, Fisherman’s Wharf and Seattle Aquarium.

When we first drove in to Lake Pleasant RV Park I was amazed. The campground was surrounded by lush west coast trees and vegetation.  In the centre of the campground was a pond that was home to many ducks.

The campground had both seasonal and daily campers.  The campground was very quiet due to the large amount of retired people travelling their way through the United States.  Everyone we met was friendly and we didn’t come in contact with any grumpies.  There were a few other families in the park and the boys gravitated towards the other kids to play with.   The kids kept themselves busy by playing on the wonderful play ground and biking along the campground roads.  They owner’s of the campground post and enforce a low speed limit to ensure the safety of the kids playing and biking in the campground.

Every morning we hiked the lower or upper hiking trails with the boys.  These trails were surrounded by trees and we were even fortunate to see a deer and eat a few red huckleberries.  The woods that surround this property are so peaceful that it somewhat shocks you that about two km down Bothell Way is a shopping centre.  This campground  boasts a unique setting where urban and wild collide.

However the highlight of the stay here for the boys was not the friends they made, the biking, the hiking, or the playing but instead seeing the Jelly Belly RV and Bug that were touring the area.  Every time the boys went up to the RV they met friendly faces, smiles, patience with the questions and of course where given Jelly Belly treats.

Check out this video of the park: Lake Pleasant RV Park Next time we are in the area we will be staying Lake Pleasant RV park and nowhere else.


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