BC to Idaho Kingsgate crossing blip

I searched the internet before crossing into the United States.  We had ducks in a row:

  1. All humans had their passports
  2. The dogs had all their shots & papers
  3. I had looked up what foods we can take & what food items we would buy
  4. and we picked a time to cross where it hopefully wouldn’t be busy.

Well at least I thought we had our ducks in a row. We stopped at duty-free to buy some beer and then drove up to the crossing.  The person at the kiosk was amazing.  He was super friendly, took our passports & dogs papers to review. We knew that he was going to ask us to pull over.  Who wouldn’t we were driving an 34′ RV.  Sure enough “Can you please move to lane 2 so we can enter the vehicle.”  We had nothing to hide so we thought it was going to be an easy peasy quick walk through.

The crossing guard came in & looked around.  I am already at the fridge opening it up & showing him what we have brought with the printout from the US customs website in hand. There is no problem with anything we have brought with us.  The kids have their 5-point harness car seats so no issue there.  We didn’t have any fire arms or fire wood. We couldn’t figure out the what the issue was.

Apparently it was – Dog Food.  Yup we potentially were bringing in Lamb dogfood that was illegal.  The damn website never mentioned that.  The crossing guard was super friendly & said that the website hardly ever gets updated. Mmm you would think that these types of websites would be updated frequently.  He also said for us to call the border crossing directly to talk to a guard about what type of items are not being allowed over the border.  I know for a fact that the bigger crossings wouldn’t appreciate phone calls when they have thousands of cars trying to cross daily, but I love the slower crossing personal approach.

So the solution to the problem was not to immediately leave behind our brand new 20kg bag of dog food because the border guard offered to do some research about the product.  If the lamb originated in the USA we were safe, if not we had to surrender the food before we could.  After numerous calls & web searches it was confirmed that  Kirkland brand lamb dog was made with lamb from the USA.  After about an hour we were finally cleared to go.

I have no idea if the dog food really was made in the USA or they just got sick of a two and four year old running around like a bunch of banshees.


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