Medicine Hat to Blairmore

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We rock as a family as we started our road trip not only on time but leaving during yet another severe thunderstorm warning. Leaving the house at 1pm; fueled up and out-of-town by 1:22pm was amazing. We were a well-oiled machine. Chris and I were timing the kids naps so that we would have them sleeping for a bit of our 305km leg.
Driving down highway 3 we watched ominous clouds build towards Calgary, Brooks and Milk River. We hope that we wouldn’t get rained on and we were right…at least until we got to our final destination of the day. Driving by Fort Macleod for the first time makes me wish we put it on our list to stop and visit. I think we will be changing our route home and coming back this way to take this unique community.
It has been a while since we came through the Crowsnest Pass. It was really cool to show Big W and Little D the standing dead trees from the Lost Creek fire in 2003 and explain how daddy helped to put it out.
It was totally invigorating to be in the mountains again. I have missed them so much. We drove by the Frank slide. It totally amazes me the amount of rock that came down and covered both sides of the highway. Boulders larger than houses look tiny on the landscape.
When we finally came to Blairmore we needed to stop and pick up milk. Well with a big crack of thunder the sky opened up and we had our t-storm of the day.
We didn’t want to drive any further so we decided to stay at Lost Lemon RV Park & Camground. When we first pulled we wanted to leave because all the sites are super close together, but we decided we should try it out. The campground is very clean including showers, pool, and grounds. It is a very family friendly place with lots of kids and strict quiet hours from 11pm. The site also has free wireless internet, full hook ups and you can pick up local television channels for only $33.00 per night. With the two crazy fugitives on the loose that are supposedly heading in the same direction as our trip route staying in a cramp RV quarters is very comforting…although we will be having our axe by the door every night until those two psychos are caught.
We have had a great time eating good food, walking, bike riding, swimming, playing soccer and hanging out at the playground. It is now 1030 at night with two very wide awake and wired boys. We are trying to force them down…but they are just waaaay too crazy. I am ready to crack open a beer and pray that the two little dudes sleep in tomorrow.


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