Making a list & checking it twice

When we bought the Springdale trailer, the sales professional at ArrKann Trailer and RV in Edmonton, Alberta gave us a camping list. He said that he made the list for his family so they wouldn’t forget anything. I must say we found the list great as well. I have updated the list and modified it to my family’s needs and thought you may enjoy it as well.

Clothing: Remember to increase kids clothing to include all those puddle stomping and mud pie opportunities!Seasonal appropriate coat that is waterproof
Polar Fleece Jacket & Hoodies/Bunny Hug
Multi terrain runners/hiking shoes
Rain boots
Sandals & Crocs
Sun Hat & Toque/Mitts
Shorts & T-Shirts
Sweat pants
Socks/underwear & long underwear
Bathing Suits & beach towels

Kitchen & Bath Items:
Tea towels, dish cloth, face cloths & hand towels
Bed sheets, blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, the kid’s favourite blankets & stuffies
Coffee pot, coffee mugs
Juice pitcher, glasses, water container
Cutlery including kids sized/steak knives
Dishes including kids sized
kids bottles/mugs/cups & reusable water bottles
Mixing bowls with lids
Measuring cups, spoons, spatula, flipper, tongs, vegetable peeler, paring & chef’s knife
Dish pans – for washing if have no kitchen, Dish soap and scrub cloths
2 pots with lids, frying pan, stove top grill, small cookie sheet, silicone muffin tin, casserole dish and small roaster
bamboo skewers, paper towels, facial tissue, toilet paper, tin foil, plastic wrap, plastic storage bags/containers & matches

Adult & kid toothpaste; toothbrushes
Soap, 2 in 1 shampoo, deodorant, body lotion & Laundry soap
Sunscreen, Family friendly bug spray, afterbite (adult & kid), aloe, anti-itch lotion/gel, polysporin & Tums
Kids & Adult – Kaopectate, Acetaminophen, Benadryll
Baby ovol, teething tabs or medication, Bio Gaia, teething rings & soothers
Sunglasses & lip balm
Personal medications
First Aid Kit

Handy Camp Items:
BBQ, cooler, folding table, wiener sticks & sandwich maker
Axe, newspaper & pail
Lawn chairs, tarp, tie straps, flashlight (1 for each kid) & lantern
Extension cords, batteries, battery charger, IPod or MP3 player, portable DVD player & DVD’s
Blow up Kayak or water toys, life jackets, air pump, bikes, bike helmets
Wheel blocks, duct tape, screwdrivers, socket set, wrenches, pliers & patch kit
Indoor/outdoor age appropriate toys
Craft supplies
Kids and Adult books
Crib board & cards
bubbles & water guns

Food Staples:
Fruit, veggies, trail mix, crackers, dry cereal, apple sauce & dried fruit
Muffins, cookies, chips, buns, wraps & sandwich bread
pop, juice, coffee, tea & milk
Ketchup, relish, mustard, mayo, pickles, olive, onions, garlic, hot sauce, bbq sauce, soy sauce, spices or rubs
Flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, olive oil, pepper, hot sauce & Worcestershire sauce
dried pasta, rice, cous cous
eggs, bacon, sausage, chicken, pork, beef, hot dogs & tuna


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