Summer Glue Dots Fun – Man vs. Nature

On the Canada long weekend three boys under five created their very own man versus nature craft project with the help of Glue Dots. I have never used Glue Dots before and found them so simple to use and clean up was a snap. All three boys found the products easy to use which made for no meltdowns and large smiles on their faces.

This is a super quick activity that kept the attention span of three very active and on-the-go little boys and kept them busy between rain and thunder showers!

Step 1:
Send the kids on a hunt for nature items one object at a time….blue rock; red rock; lichen; flower; bark etc…

Step 2:
Send the kids on a hunt for man made objects found around the campsite….specify not to pick up glass without help of adults

Step 3:
Ask kids to create a 3-D project with the items. We used Glue Dots to stick rocks, bark, lichen and flowers together.

Step 4:
Have the kids tell a story about what they made.

The kids had fun and were their naturally creative beings. The projects sat on the picnic table all weekend and with the help of Glue Dots the kids art did not blow away even with three more thunder showers that blessed us that weekend!


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